Complete Kit – 43 day Program

Price: $149.00

Kit Contains:

  • 50ml homeopathic TNH drops
  • 60ml B12 Complex drops
  • User Guide

Product Description

The 50ml bottle of TNH drops included in this kit is sufficient to complete a 43 day program. On this program you can lose up to 15kg.

If you reach your goal weight before completing this program you can move onto the  Maintenance Phase early (details in User Guide).

The B12 Complex gives you an energy boost, helps you to cope with the changes going on inside your body and supports the liver as it processes the toxins previously locked in the released fat cells.

Our program targets hard to move stored fat with excellent success and is suitable for both men and women.

It does not target available fat or muscle. Our Australian made product does not contain ingredients of human or animal origin.