Linda Sept 2016. VIC

At my partners 40th birthday on 01/08/16 I looked at the photos that were taken and just wanted to cry. I had never been so big in my life. I felt like a giant standing next to my partner as he is quite slim….

I was getting a lot of headaches and back pain so I went to a chiro. I hopped on the scales and weighed in at 101kg. I actually cried :-(. The heaviest I had been previously was when I was full term 40 weeks pregnant with my daughter 6 years ago.

Enough was enough. I started the TNH drops weighing 99.1kg on 14/08/16. Day 4 I was extremely sick vomiting and migraine and wanted to give up then and there. But I am sooooo glad I stuck it out. My weight today is 85.8kg (a total loss of 13.3kg on the 43 day plan. A loss of 72cm off my body too). No headaches whatsoever and my energy levels are through the roof. My skin is clearing up, still get a few breakouts here and there but overall I am feeling fantastic… today was day 1 of P3. Let me tell you I feel like I have eaten a horse and am sooooo full tonight… hoping that gets a bit easier as days go by!

Thank you trim n healthy xxo

Linda Stevens